Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry

Vol. 1 (1) 2016




T. Tolev. On psychiatric stigma


N. Markov. Ivo Andrić as a psychopathologist


N. Polnareva, D. Terziev, A. Avramova. Diagnostic problems with personality disorders in childhood

K. Stoynov, T. Donchev, D. Dilkoff. ConConceptual characteristics of stress and pathophysiological aspects of emotional stress

N. Polnareva. Child and adolescent suicidal behavior – prevalence, psychopathology and interventions

K. Stoychev, K. Ivanov, H. Kojuharov, D. Hrusafov, M. Alexandrova, D. Barkashka. Antipsychotics in schizophrenia treatment

A. Fercheva. Auto-stigma concept in relation to psychiatric disorders


T. Tolev, V. Tranov, M. Nikolova, P. Grozeva, D. Terzieva, K. Drebova, †A. Terzieva, I. Topcheva, V. Georgieva, T. Batzeva, R. Patricheva. Marital status and clinical symptoms in newly admitted patients with schizophrenia

Z. Arabadjiev, K. Haralampiev. Quality of life in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with onset prior to age of 18 and their relatives in regard to demographic features

T. Tolev, A. Tolev, V. Tranov, M. Nikolova, P. Grozeva, D. Terzieva, K. Drebova, †A. Terzieva, T. Batzeva, R. Patricheva. Clinical symptoms and deficit in decoding facial expressions of sadness in patients with schizophrenia

N. Markov. Treatment application of transcranial magnetic stimulation of brain tissue in psychiatric practice – review and personal experience


N. Nedelchev, T. Telbizova, P. Marinov. Orthorexia – obsession, catathymia or delusion? A clinical case description

V. Nikolov. Masked depression in cardiac surgery practice