Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry, 2023; 8(4):3-13

Neurodevelopmental disorders in the ICD-11

Georgi Onchev, Ivayla Kamenova, Desislava Ignatova
Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, Medical University Sofia

Abstract. The diagnostic requirements for the neurodevelopmental disorders in the ICD-11 (without the disorders of intellectual development and the hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, presented in previous issues) – grouped in one section in contrast to the grouping in the ICD-10. They are accompanied by phenomenological descriptions and differential diagnosis. The terminological and conceptual changes, as well as the cautious diagnostic approach, are emphasized.

Key words: neurodevelopmental disorders, developmental disorders of speech and language, autistic
spectrum disorder, developmental disorder of learning, developmental motor disorders, ICD-11

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