Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry, 2022; 7(4):36-41


Rumyana Krumova-Pesheva

Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”

Abstract. According to the Finnish psychoanalyst Veikko Tähkä the psychic of each person is formed by the differentiation and the opposition between outside and inside reality. Tähkä combines in his own and interesting way the opinions about the inside world of adults, the dynamic theories about early childhood, the role of the words in a later stage of development, the formation of ideas about libidinous relativity, the interpretations of the meanings of the feelings “love” and “hate”, of the constructive and destructive, etc. The evolution line, which is always a priority in his conceptions, follows certain meaning formation and motivation principles and categorizations. This material is a reflection in the nowadays’ psychotherapy and a search for explanations of personality problems in a situation of pandemia and war. The understandings of Tähkä are the basis for interpretations of the problems in the processes of empathy and anxiety, and the pursuit of escape from of the aim to avoid unbearable or hardly bearable aspects of daily life in the psychic reality of the patient.

Key words: psychoanalysis, destruction, psychoanalytic psychotherapy

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