Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry, 2022; 7(1):32-37


Rositsa Chamova, Yavor Chenkov
Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, MU – Varna

Abstract. Food is one of the most important environmental factors affecting humans. The role of healthy eating for good somatic health is indisputable. In recent years, there has been increasing scientific ev­idence of the effects of food on mental health. The purpose of this review is to present the results of some studies on the relationship between mental health and nutrition. Method: Scientific publications available in the electronic databases of Mendeley, Scopus, Science Direct have been studied. Conclu­sion: Food and eating patterns are crucial for the formation of mental health status. Healthy eating has a beneficial effect on brain function by improving memory and cognition and reducing the risk of depres­sion. Adherence to a well-balanced diet could contribute to improving not only physical but also mental health, which is a decisive factor in a high quality of life. More research is needed to clarify the role of nutrition and food for mental well-being.

Key words: mental health, depression, dementia, nutrients, nutrition, diet

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