Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry, 2021; 6(2):14-23


Georgi Kirilov, Vladimir Velinov
Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”


It has been hypothesized that physiological affect1 may develop with a mild degree of alcohol intoxication, with lower levels of ethanol in the blood, due to the still insignificant effects of alcohol intake. A system for analysis and evaluation in forensic assessment of the actions of the criminals in the different forms and degrees of alcohol intoxication and similarities with and differences from the physiological affect is proposed. As a conditional limit, 1‰ is proposed, above which the effects of intoxication can no longer be ignored. The importance of individual tolerance to alcohol is emphasized, as well as the presence or absence of organic brain signs, including age and somatic diseases. The undoubted manifestations of intoxication is a  significant distinguishing feature of physiological affect, and contrariwise also. A summary of the whole material is presented. An illustration of complicated alcohol intoxication details the differences.

Key words: physiological affect, alcohol intoxications, dependences and differences physiological affect–alcohol intoxication