Bulgarian Journal of Psychiatry, 2019; 4(4):56-60


Georgi Popov

Medical University – Varna


Abstract. The word “reality” is widely used in psychopathology in different contexts and meanings and because of that its use needs clarification and framing, which is not available in DSM or ICD. In the article reality is presented as a multilayer phenomenon and we consider different types of reality, which are studied from the point of view of different psychopathologies – objective and descriptive (in the Jaspers point of view) phenomenological (Husserl), hermeneutic, cultural, etc. The clinical challenges are analyzed from the phenomenological point of view and are illustrated with the schizophrenic experience of the reality. As these experiences are function of the basic cognitive disturbances, we try to put a bridge between phenomenology and neurocognition.

Key words: reality, different psychopathological types, phenomenology, schizophrenia

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